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Fig. 2

From: Metabolomics approach to serum biomarker for laxative effects of red Liriope platyphylla in loperamide-induced constipation of SD rats

Fig. 2

Histological structure of EtRLP treated colon. H&E-stained sections of transverse colons collected from No, EtRLP, Lop + Vehicle, Lop + EtRLP and Lop + BisaC treated rats were observed at two different magnifications (100x and 400x) using a light microscope. Five to six rats per group were assayed in triplicate, after H&E staining. The data are reported as the mean ± SD. * indicates p < 0.05 compared to the NO group. # indicates p < 0.05 compared to the Lop + Veh treated group

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