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Table 1 Publications using humanized mouse/cells

From: Characterization and applications of chimeric mice with humanized livers for preclinical drug development

Chimeric mice or cellsPXB-mouseFRG mouseTK-NOG mouseuPA/SCID mouse (CA)auPA/SCID mouse (DE)buPA/SCID mouse (BE)cuPA/SCID mouse (FR)dPXB-cellsTotal
Anti-HBV agents
 Nucleic acid analog200020015
 Small molecule71000001018
Ant-HCV agents
 Small molecule24323041037
 Small molecule +Interferon401000005
 Liver toxicity19050000024
  1. a KMT Hepatech, b University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, c Ghent University, d Inserm