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Fig. 1

From: Chronic oral administration of Passiflora incarnata extract has no abnormal effects on metabolic and behavioral parameters in mice, except to induce sleep

Fig. 1

GABA activation and sleep-related hormone levels by repeated oral PI extract administration. a Hippocampal and hypothalamic calretinin expressions were analyzed by Western blotting. Significant increases in expression were observed in the PI-treated group, shown by the relative expression of the proteins at the hippocampus and hypothalamus in the control (Veh) and experimental groups (PI 500). b Changes in body weight, and changes in sleeping-related hormones in animals after repeated PI extract administration. There was no change in body weight between the two groups. Serum levels of melatonin and serotonin were increased in the PI group. Serum serotonin tended to increase in the PI-treated group, but was not statistically significant, and melatonin showed a significant increase. The error bar represent mean ± standard error (SE). (***, P < 0.0005; ns, non-significant)

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