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Fig. 1

From: Heat shock protein 70 increases cell proliferation, neuroblast differentiation, and the phosphorylation of CREB in the hippocampus

Fig. 1

Purification and transduction of the Tat-HSP70 protein into the mouse hippocampus. a Overview of the Tat-HSP70 protein. b Expression and purification of the Tat-HSP70 and control-HSP70 proteins, as assessed by western blot analyses using an anti-polyhistidine antibody. c Western blot analysis of polyhistidine in the hippocampal homogenates of control, vehicle (10% glycerol)-, control-HSP70-, and Tat-HSP70-treated groups (n = 5 per group; aP < 0.05, versus control group; bP < 0.05, versus vehicle-treated group; cP < 0.05, versus control-HSP70 treated group). d Immunohistochemistry for HSP70 in the dentate gyrus of control, vehicle-, control-HSP70-, and Tat-HSP70-treated mice. Note that HSP70 immunoreactive structures are most abundantly found in the Tat-HSP70-treated group. GCL, granule cell layer; ML, molecular layer; PL, polymorphic layer. Scale bar = 50 μm

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