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Fig. 2

From: Chronic oral administration of Passiflora incarnata extract has no abnormal effects on metabolic and behavioral parameters in mice, except to induce sleep

Fig. 2

Real-time changes in feed and water intake over 24 h by light cycles between Veh- and PI 500-treated animals. a Veh and PI extract (500 mg/kg) were administered 2 h before the lights were turned off. However, there was a significant decrease or declining trend in both feed and water intake in the PI 500 group 2–4 h before the lights were turned on. b After the lights were turned off, both the food intake and water consumption were increased in both groups, but no difference in volume between the two was found. (AUC; area under curve). The error bar represents mean ± standard error (SE). ZT stands for zeitgeber time. (*, P < 0.05; ns, non-significant)

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