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Dose dependence and durability of the therapeutic effects of Asparagus cochinchinensis fermented extract in an ovalbumin-challenged asthma model


The butanol extract of Asparagus cochinchinensis roots fermented with Weissella cibaria (BAfW) significantly suppressed the inflammatory response induced by lipopolysaccharide (LPS) treatment in RAW264.7 cells. To investigate the dose dependence and durability of BAfW on the anti-asthma effects, alterations in key parameters were measured in ovalbumin (OVA)-challenged Balb/c mice treated with the different doses of BAfW at three different time points. The number of immune cells, OVA-specific IgE level, thickness of respiratory epithelium and mucus score decreased significantly in a dose-dependent manner in response to treatment with 125 to 500 mg/kg BAfW (P<0.05), although the highest level was detected in the 500 mg/kg treated group. Moreover, the decrease in these parameters was maintained from 24 to 48 h in the 500 mg/kg of BAfW treated group. At 72 h, the effects of BAfW on the number of immune cells, OVA-specific IgE level and thickness of respiratory epithelium partially disappeared. Overall, this study provides the first evidence that the anti-asthma effect of BAfW may reach the maximum level in OVA-challenged Balb/c mice treated with 500 mg/kg and that these effects can last for 48 h.


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