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Regulation of gastrointestinal hormones during laxative activity of gallotannin-enriched extract isolated from Galla Rhois in loperamide-induced constipation of SD rats


Regulation of gastrointestinal hormones have been reported in animal models for constipation undergoing laxative therapy when administered herbal products. We undertook to investigate whether the laxative activity of gallotannin-enriched extracts isolated from Galla Rhois (GEGR) affects the regulation of gastrointestinal hormones, by examining the concentration of four hormones and the activation of their receptors in the loperamide (Lop)-induced constipation model. Stool parameters, including number, weight and water content, were significantly recovered in the Lop+GEGR treated group, relative to the Lop+ vehicle treated group; however, food intake and water consumption were maintained at a constant level. Also, a similar recovery was detected for thickness of mucosa, muscle and flat luminal surface in the Lop+GEGR treated group. Furthermore, concentration of the four gastrointestinal hormones evaluated, namely, cholecystokinin (CCK), gastrin (GAS), somatostatin (SS) and motilin (MTL), were lower in the Lop+vehicle treated group than the No treated group, but were remarkably enhanced in the Lop+GEGR treated group. Moreover, the downstream signaling pathway of MTL and SS receptors were recovered after GEGR administration. Results of the present study therefore indicate that the laxative effects of GEGR treatment may be tightly related with the regulation of gastrointestinal hormones in the Lop-induced constipation model.


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