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  1. Hamster is widely used as an experimental model in the study of reproductive system. However, pregnancy diagnosis and aging always have been a challenge. ultrasonography have been used in diagnosis of pregnanc...

    Authors: Mohammad Amin Keshavarz, Asghar Mogheiseh, Mohammad Saeed Ahrari-Khafi and Reza Mahboobi
    Citation: Laboratory Animal Research 2022 38:2
  2. The convertase subtilisin/kexin family 1 gene (PCSK1) has been associated in various human genetics studies with a wide spectrum of metabolic phenotypes, including early-onset obesity, hyperphagia, diabetes in...

    Authors: Aleksandra Aljakna Khan, Nakyung Kim, Ron Korstanje and Seungbum Choi
    Citation: Laboratory Animal Research 2022 38:1
  3. To determine whether the background of BALB/c substrains affects the response to anti-tumor drugs, we measured for alterations in tumor growth, histopathological structure of the tumor, and expressions of tumo...

    Authors: Jeong Eun Gong, You Jung Jin, Ji Eun Kim, Yun Ju Choi, Su Jin Lee, Kil Soo Kim, Young Suk Jung, Joon Yong Cho, Yong Lim, Hyun Gu Kang and Dae Youn Hwang
    Citation: Laboratory Animal Research 2021 37:33
  4. This study was undertaken to compare the sensitivities of mice strains during tumor induction by transcription activator-like effector nucleases (TALEN)-mediated Trp53 mutant gene. Alterations of their tumorig...

    Authors: Woo Bin Yun, Ji Eun Kim, Mi Lim Lee, Jun Young Choi, Jin Ju Park, Bo Ram Song, Byeong Cheol Kang, Ki Taek Nam, Han-Woong Lee and Dae Youn Hwang
    Citation: Laboratory Animal Research 2021 37:32
  5. The oral administration of polystyrene-microplastics (PS-MPs) causes chronic constipation of ICR mice, but there are no reports on their effects on the inflammatory response in the colon. To determine if the o...

    Authors: Yun Ju Choi, Ji Eun Kim, Su Jin Lee, Jeong Eun Gong, You Jeong Jin, Sungbaek Seo, Jae Ho Lee and Dae Youn Hwang
    Citation: Laboratory Animal Research 2021 37:31
  6. Ventilator-induced lung injury (VILI) is a serious acute injury to the lung tissue that can develop during mechanical ventilation of patients. Due to the mechanical strain of ventilation, damage can occur in t...

    Authors: Jon Petur Joelsson, Saevar Ingthorsson, Jennifer Kricker, Thorarinn Gudjonsson and Sigurbergur Karason
    Citation: Laboratory Animal Research 2021 37:30
  7. Telemetry is a wireless implanted device that measures biological signals in conscious animals and usually requires surgery for its removal when the study is finished. After removing the device, the animals ar...

    Authors: Doo-Wan Cho, Hyoung-Yun Han, Mi-Jin Yang, Dong Ho Woo, Su-Cheol Han and Young-Su Yang
    Citation: Laboratory Animal Research 2021 37:29
  8. Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) is a chronic and progressive interstitial lung disease. Despite alveolar epithelial cells is crucial role in lung, its contribution and the associated biomarker remain unkno...

    Authors: Hyosin Baek, Soojin Jang, Jaehyun Park, Jimin Jang, Jooyeon Lee, Seok-Ho Hong, Woo Jin Kim, Sung-Min Park and Se-Ran Yang
    Citation: Laboratory Animal Research 2021 37:28
  9. Recently a screen from a library of 1.8 million compounds identified in vitro a potent activity of the 2-aminobenzimidazoles series against Leishmania infantum, the etiological agent responsible by over 20.000 de...

    Authors: Hirla Costa Silva Fukushima, Ricardo Lacava Bailone, Tatiana Corrêa, Helena Janke, Luís Kluwe De Aguiar, Princia Grejo Setti and Ricardo Carneiro Borra
    Citation: Laboratory Animal Research 2021 37:27
  10. Since its debut in the biomedical research fields in 1981, zebrafish have been used as a vertebrate model organism in more than 40,000 biomedical research studies. Especially useful are zebrafish lines express...

    Authors: Chong Pyo Choe, Seok-Yong Choi, Yun Kee, Min Jung Kim, Seok-Hyung Kim, Yoonsung Lee, Hae-Chul Park and Hyunju Ro
    Citation: Laboratory Animal Research 2021 37:26
  11. Electrocardiogram (ECG) is a non-invasive valuable diagnostic tool that is used in clinics for investigation and monitoring of heart electrical rhythm/conduction, ischemia/injury of heart, electrolyte disturba...

    Authors: Siyavash Joukar
    Citation: Laboratory Animal Research 2021 37:25
  12. CBA/J mice are standard experimental animals in auditory studies, and age-related changes in auditory pathways are well documented. However, changes in locomotion-related brain regions have not been systematic...

    Authors: Cheryl Tyszkiewicz, Ingrid D Pardo, Hayley N Ritenour, Chang-Ning Liu and Chris Somps
    Citation: Laboratory Animal Research 2021 37:24
  13. Diabetes mellitus, a very common and multifaceted metabolic disorder is considered as one of the fastest growing public health problems in the world. It is characterized by hyperglycemia, a condition with high...

    Authors: Chidhambara Priya Dharshini Kottaisamy, Divya S. Raj, V. Prasanth Kumar and Umamaheswari Sankaran
    Citation: Laboratory Animal Research 2021 37:23
  14. As a laboratory animal resource, the ICR mouse is commonly used in a variety of research fields. However, information on differences in exercise-related characteristics in ICR mice derived from different linea...

    Authors: Dong-Joo Hwang, Ki-Chun Kwon, Dong-Hun Choi, Hyun-Keun Song, Kil-Soo Kim, Young-Suk Jung, Dae-Youn Hwang and Joon-Yong Cho
    Citation: Laboratory Animal Research 2021 37:21
  15. Particulate matter (PM) is one of the principal causes of human respiratory disabilities resulting from air pollution. Animal models have been applied to discover preventive and therapeutic drugs for lung dise...

    Authors: Se Yong Park, Kyu Sup An, Buhyun Lee, Ju-Hee Kang, Hyun Jin Jung, Min Woo Kim, Hyeon Yeol Ryu, Kyu-Suk Shim, Ki Taek Nam, Yeo Sung Yoon and Seung Hyun Oh
    Citation: Laboratory Animal Research 2021 37:20
  16. Colorectal cancer (CRC) is one of the most frequently diagnosed cancers worldwide and thus mouse models of CRC are of significant value to study the pathogenesis. The Azoxymethane/Dextran sulfate sodium (AOM/D...

    Authors: Henriette Arnesen, Mette Helen Bjørge Müller, Mona Aleksandersen, Gunn Charlotte Østby, Harald Carlsen, Jan Erik Paulsen and Preben Boysen
    Citation: Laboratory Animal Research 2021 37:19
  17. Hypothermic treatment is known to protect organs against cardiac arrest (CA) and improves survival rate. However, few studies have evaluated the effects of hypothermia on CA-induced liver damages. This study w...

    Authors: Donghwi Kim, Bora Kim, Hyejin Sim, Tae-Kyeong Lee, Hyun-Jin Tae, Jae-Chul Lee, Joon Ha Park, Jun Hwi Cho, Moo-Ho Won, Yoonsoo Park and Ji Hyeon Ahn
    Citation: Laboratory Animal Research 2021 37:16
  18. Nonhuman primates (NHPs) are superior model for ocular research due to its morphological and physiological similarities with humans. Thus, the effect of four different anesthetic combinations [ketamine (10 mg/...

    Authors: Hong-Soo Lee, Da-Hee Kim, Sung-Hwan Kim, Min-Sung Kang and Han Na Suh
    Citation: Laboratory Animal Research 2021 37:15
  19. The objective of this study was to investigate whether the use of live attenuated varicella zoster virus (VZV) MAV vaccination can efficiently induce VZV antibody production in naive rhesus monkeys as an appro...

    Authors: Jong-Min Kim and Chung-Gyu Park
    Citation: Laboratory Animal Research 2021 37:14
  20. Blood collection is an important procedure used in animal experiments. Blood collection methods that reduce pain, injury, and stress in experimental animals are important with regard to animal ethics. Various ...

    Authors: Eun Jung Jo, Eunjin Bae, Jeong-Hwan Yoon, Ji Yeon Kim and Jin Soo Han
    Citation: Laboratory Animal Research 2021 37:12
  21. Aging is one of major causes triggering neurophysiological changes in many brain substructures, including the hippocampus, which has a major role in learning and memory. Thioredoxin (Trx) is a class of small r...

    Authors: Yeon Ho Yoo, Dae Won Kim, Bai Hui Chen, Hyejin Sim, Bora Kim, Jae-Chul Lee, Ji Hyeon Ahn, Yoonsoo Park, Jun Hwi Cho, Il Jun Kang, Moo-Ho Won and Tae-Kyeong Lee
    Citation: Laboratory Animal Research 2021 37:11
  22. Calcium is a critical factor involved in modulation of essential cellular functions. Parvalbumin is a calcium buffering protein that regulates intracellular calcium concentrations. It prevents rises in calcium...

    Authors: Dong-Ju Park, Ju-Bin Kang, Fawad-Ali Shah and Phil-Ok Koh
    Citation: Laboratory Animal Research 2021 37:9
  23. Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), including both Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, are chronic human diseases that are challenging to cure and are often unable to be resolved. The inbred mouse strain C57...

    Authors: Sou Hyun Kim, Doyoung Kwon, Seung Won Son, Tae Bin Jeong, Seunghyun Lee, Jae-Hwan Kwak, Joon-Yong Cho, Dae Youn Hwang, Min-Soo Seo, Kil Soo Kim and Young-Suk Jung
    Citation: Laboratory Animal Research 2021 37:8
  24. Online databases are crucial infrastructures to facilitate the wide effective and efficient use of mouse mutant resources in life sciences. The number and types of mouse resources have been rapidly growing due...

    Authors: Hiroshi Masuya, Daiki Usuda, Hatsumi Nakata, Naomi Yuhara, Keiko Kurihara, Yuri Namiki, Shigeru Iwase, Toyoyuki Takada, Nobuhiko Tanaka, Kenta Suzuki, Yuki Yamagata, Norio Kobayashi, Atsushi Yoshiki and Tatsuya Kushida
    Citation: Laboratory Animal Research 2021 37:6
  25. Sarcopenia promotes skeletal muscle atrophy and exhibits a high mortality rate. Its elucidation is of the highest clinical importance, but an animal experimental model remains controversial. In this study, we ...

    Authors: Akira Nemoto and Toru Goyagi
    Citation: Laboratory Animal Research 2021 37:7
  26. Sepsis, one of the most fatal diseases in the world, is known to culminate in multiple organ failure due to an uncontrolled inflammatory response. Hence, the use of animal models in sepsis research is very imp...

    Authors: Ji Won Park, Su Jin Lee, Ji Eun Kim, Mi Ju Kang, Su Ji Bae, Yun Ju Choi, Jeong Eun Gong, Kil Soo Kim, Young-Suk Jung, Joon-Yong Cho, Yeon Shik Choi, Dae Youn Hwang and Hyun Keun Song
    Citation: Laboratory Animal Research 2021 37:2
  27. Increases of neutrophils and osteoclasts are pathological changes of periodontitis. RANKL is an osteoclast differentiation factor. The effect of periodontopathogen LPS on RANKL-expressing neutrophils has not b...

    Authors: Ae Ri Kim, Yun Kyong Lim, Joong-Ki Kook, Eun-Jung Bak and Yun-Jung Yoo
    Citation: Laboratory Animal Research 2021 37:5

    The Correction to this article has been published in Laboratory Animal Research 2021 37:22

  28. Oryzias dancena (Beloniformes; Teleostei), is a euryhaline teleost that mainly inhabits the brackish or freshwater of river mouths and estuaries around the Bay of Bengal and the Malay Peninsula. It also has a sho...

    Authors: In-Seok Park
    Citation: Laboratory Animal Research 2021 37:4
  29. With the enactment of the Brazilian Law Arouca 11,794/2008 and Decree 6.899/2009, there has been an urgent need for changes in the processes related to animal experimentation in Brazil; in particular, there is...

    Authors: Eloiza K. G. D. Ferreira, Giovanny A. C. A. Mazzarotto and Guilherme F. Silveira
    Citation: Laboratory Animal Research 2021 37:1
  30. Since the Three Rs of replacement, reduction and refinement was proposed by Russel and Birch in 1959, researchers have a moral duty to minimize harm to animals. Even though animal experiments are performed by ...

    Authors: Kook Hyun Lee, Dong Won Lee and Byeong Chul Kang
    Citation: Laboratory Animal Research 2020 36:45
  31. Some drugs cause phototoxicity in humans when exposed to light, thus there is a need for an in vivo phototoxicity test to evaluate them. However, an in vivo phototoxicity test method to evaluate this has not b...

    Authors: Nam Hee Youn, Eun Ji Kim, Jung-Sun Yi, Joo Hwan Kim, Ye-Jin Cho, Ki Taek Nam, Ki Sook Park and Jong Kwon Lee
    Citation: Laboratory Animal Research 2020 36:42
  32. WDR13 - a WD repeat protein, is abundant in pancreas, liver, ovary and testis. Absence of this protein in mice has been seen to be associated with pancreatic β-cell proliferation, hyperinsulinemia and age depe...

    Authors: Arun Prakash Mishra, Archana B. Siva, Chandrashekaran Gurunathan, Y. Komala and B. Jyothi Lakshmi
    Citation: Laboratory Animal Research 2020 36:41
  33. The effect of standard therapeutic strategies on Helicobacter pylori infection is diminished over time owing to the emergence of drug resistant strains. In this study, we would like to confirm the enhanced effect...

    Authors: Hyun-A Lee, Joo-Yun Kim, Jisoo Kim, Bora Nam and Okjin Kim
    Citation: Laboratory Animal Research 2020 36:40
  34. The kainic acid-induced seizure mouse model is widely used in epilepsy research. In this study, we applied kainic acid to the subcutaneous injections of three different sources of DBA/2 mice to compare and eva...

    Authors: Kyung-Ku Kang, Young-In Kim, Min-Soo Seo, Soo-Eun Sung, Joo-Hee Choi, Sijoon Lee, Young-Suk Jung, Joon Young Cho, Dae Youn Hwang, Sang-Joon Park and Kil Soo Kim
    Citation: Laboratory Animal Research 2020 36:39
  35. Severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome (SFTS) is an emerging zoonotic disease, which causes high fever, thrombocytopenia, and death in humans and animals in East Asian countries. The pathogenicity of SFTS...

    Authors: Seok-Chan Park, Jun Young Park, Jin Young Choi, Sung-Geun Lee, Seong Kug Eo, Jae-Ku Oem, Dong-Seob Tark, Myungjo You, Do-Hyeon Yu, Joon-Seok Chae and Bumseok Kim
    Citation: Laboratory Animal Research 2020 36:38
  36. In animal research, “refinement” refers to modifications of husbandry or experimental procedures to enhance animal well-being and minimize or eliminate pain and distress. Evaluation of drug efficacy in mice mo...

    Authors: Julián Ernesto Nicolás Gulin, Margarita Bisio and Facundo García-Bournissen
    Citation: Laboratory Animal Research 2020 36:37
  37. Anti-parasitics are frequently used in research animal facilities to treat a multitude of common infections, with pinworms and fur mites being amongst the most common. Ivermectin and selamectin are common oral...

    Authors: Peter A. Kropp, Gabrielle V. Rushing, Asa A. Brockman, Erin N. Z. Yu, Rebecca A. Ihrie and Maureen Gannon
    Citation: Laboratory Animal Research 2020 36:36
  38. An amendment to this paper has been published and can be accessed via the original article.

    Authors: Mi Ju Kang, Jeong Eun Gong, Ji Eun Kim, Hyeon Jun Choi, Su Ji Bae, Yun Ju Choi, Su Jin Lee, Min-Soo Seo, Kil Soo Kim, Young-Suk Jung, Joon-Yong Cho, Yong Lim and Dae Youn Hwang
    Citation: Laboratory Animal Research 2020 36:35

    The original article was published in Laboratory Animal Research 2020 36:30

  39. Glutamate induces neurotoxicity during brain development, causing nerve damage. Protein phosphatase 2A (PP2A) is a type of serine/threonine phosphatase that regulates various biological functions. Among the PP...

    Authors: Ju-Bin Kang, Dong-Ju Park, Hyun-Kyoung Son and Phil-Ok Koh
    Citation: Laboratory Animal Research 2020 36:34
  40. The cryopreservation of sperm and embryos is useful to efficiently archive valuable resources of genetically engineered mice. Till date, more than 60,000 strains of genetically engineered mice have been archiv...

    Authors: Toru Takeo, Satohiro Nakao, Yoshiko Nakagawa, Jorge M. Sztein and Naomi Nakagata
    Citation: Laboratory Animal Research 2020 36:33
  41. Baicalin is a natural flavonoid that exerts a variety of pharmaceutical effects such as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) is an endotoxin that releases inflammatory cytokines and indu...

    Authors: Murad-Ali Shah, Dong-Ju Park, Ju-Bin Kang, Myeong-Ok Kim and Phil-Ok Koh
    Citation: Laboratory Animal Research 2020 36:32

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